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Wildife Camping Adventures

Incredible India is the land of diversity and various cultures blended with beautiful colors, which is rich in its every sphere no matter whether it is its geographical structure or vast count of natural inhabitants that have found a home in its dark and dense forests. Every year, close to about 700 species of birds (approximately ten thousand birds) do migrate here from other countries where its own natural 800 species of birds stays in its forest and hilly area all over the year, which is why it has been called a land of huge bird’s population. Nevertheless, apart from its multitude species of birds, India has also been famous for its other animals, reptiles, and mammalian species, which can easily found in Rajasthan, Himalayans, Madhya Pradesh and Utter Pradesh. However, its Asian countries have many tiger reserves where one can find multitude species of tigers and leopards.  That is the reason why tourist from all over the world, especially visit India to capture the view of amazing tigers and other animals.

Recently, there has been seen a huge rise of tourists that specially choose India’s Wildlife tour, which is why many tour companies have come across that provide all inclusive packages to the visitors. These local tour and travel companies provide mode of accommodations like separate vehicles if you have already visited here, or jeeps with their own instructors that will guide you throughout the whole journey of wildlife. Even if you are an old visitor that have experienced Indian wildlife, then also it is advisable to go along with travel instructors because they are so much experienced and have spend their whole life in forests. Every time you visit along with them, they will tell the new interesting tales about the same place you are visiting and you may feel if you have visited here or not. Moreover, to make your wildlife tour even more comfortable, there are many small local hotels and lodges are available in mid of forests where one can stay.  

However, the Corbett National Park is famous for white tigers, which are very wide and will amaze you every time you explore its “fauna”. Moreover, those who always like to explore unparalleled diversity of “flora” of a place, so visiting here is the best option, as the wildlife of India has tremendous interesting hidden factors behind it, which a wildlife lover would definitely like to explore.

'Indian Wildlife' With 80 National Parks and 441 wildlife sanctuaries, Wildlife in India is nothing but a big retreat! Spot a Tiger in Corbett National Park