Periyar National Parks


Nestled high in the ranges of Western ghats in the south Indian state of Kerela is the Peryar national park and the periyar Tiger reserve.Covering an area of 777 sq kms, the periyar was declared a santuary in 1934. In 1978, periyar became a tiger reserve among the most famous 18 reserves under project tiger. Periyar was accorded the status of a national park in 1982.Today it is the most captivated and exotic wildlife santuary with its vast diversity of flora and fauna.The topoghraphy of the priyar national park is varied with marshy grasslands and steep and rolling hills. Most of the forest area is covered with moist deciduous type of trees.The periyar national park boast a sparkling periyar lake which was constructed by the britishers in 1895 by building a dam across the periyar lake. The periyar lake serves as a source of water supply for the animals and water resident species.Boat riding and motor launches are now available throughout the day.

Periyar national park is famous for its elephant diversity. Huge number of elephants are seen stolling around the periyar lake, some are found playing, swimming and bathing in the waters of the lake.Apart from being a natural hub for the elephants, periyar national park also provides shelter for the vigorious carnivore-the tiger. There are about 40 species of tigers seen in the park.


Besides being the home to the elephants and the tigers, periyar national park houses other wildlife species such as teh leopard, wild dogs, sambar, wild boars, mouse deer, barking deer, porcupines, squirrels, gaur and wild pigs. there are four species of primates seen in the park such asteh rare lion-tailed macaque, the nilgiri langur, common langur and bonnet macaque. The uncommon Nilgiri tahr is alo seen in this park.

Periyar national park is heaven for the birds viewers as large species of birds both residential and migratory are found in huge abundance. The most commonly seen birds in the periyar national park are the cormorants,herons, black crested baza, darters,racket tailed-drongoes,grey-headed fish eagle,Indian griffon mynas,orioles, wood pegions, king fishers,kites, ospreys,kestrel,little green heron,painted stork thrushes and blue winged parakeets.


BY AIR: The nearest airports from Periyar national park are at Kochi(200 kms) and Madurai in Tamil Nadu(140 kms).

BY RAIL: kottayam(114 kms) is the nearest railway station from Periyar national park.

By road: The nearest town from periyar is Kumily which is well connected with Kottayam.Frequent buses and taxis are available from Ernakulam, Madurai(140 kms), Kottayam(114 kms),Thiruvananthapuram(271 kms).
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